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As a leading Hong Kong PPC agency in Google Ads campaigns, We will put your business in the fast track to online lead and sales success.

Put an end to low sales and poor ROI. We guarantee you highly skilled, targeted pay per click services, whatever your industry and conversion goals. We deliver exceptional results.

A well optimized PPC campaign will accelerate your business growth. As a certified Google Ads management agency (PPC), we use conversion focused techniques in order to bring the best ROI.

When you work with us, we guarantee:

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What is included in our PPC management services in Hong Kong?

At Arcopix we are a Google Certified Partner. So we can help you get customers safely, quickly and economically. We will create an extremely well optimized Ads campaign for your business. 

Email: contact@arcopix.com

WhatsApp: +852 5378 6039

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Ads management FAQs

PPC advertising is one of the most profitable digital marketing tactics for many businesses. Having a PPC campaign allows you to target your ideal customers and show them the message you want, in exactly the place you need, and paying only what you want.  If you want fast results, PPC is the best strategy, in the other hand if you want to grow your business organically, then the best for you is SEO services.

Launching a successful Google ADS campaign  is highly specialized, and it requires having  experience to make it profitable. We will not simply set up your campaign, we will optimize it on regularly.  In order to have the best ROI we have created the most advance techniques and strategies, the idea is to spend less and get more leads and traffic!

To optimize your Google Ads, we will start finding the best keyword related to your business. We will also make use of various keyword matching options to minimize the costs.

Testing your landing pages will allow us to make changes in order to improve user experience. We use location targeting so that the ads will only be shown to users in the areas you choose.  Every day we will check the bids and optimize the prices.

Sure!! You’re the admin on all PPC accounts. Nothing is hidden.

We will create your Google campaign in less than 24 hours, meaning your Ads we will be running and getting clicks. 

It’s up to you, but we recommend using your current account.