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    If you’re looking for a reputable SEO/PPC agency in Hong Kong, look no further than Arcopix

    The SEO experts you can trust.

    Finally, a SEO company in Hong Kong that is focused on goals through strategic SEO Services!

    – Increase the visibility of your website within the search engines.
    – Generate more traffic from organic search.
    – Earn more money through a goal-focused SEO campaign.

    We have expertise in both on and off-page optimization. 

    Whatever techniques we decide to use; your company’s online presence will greatly benefit through our SEO experts’ tactics.

    More info about Baidu SEO Services in Hong Kong (百度 SEO)

    Check our SEO services in Hong Kong:

    Local SEO Campaigns

    How highly do you rank on google? Want to get higher? We can help you stride above your competitors, its what we do best.

    On page technical SEO

    We will work on your web page technical SEO (speed, UX, errors, etc) to deliver the traffic, visibility and conversions your company needs to grow.

    Off page SEO (link building)

    Link building involves creating as many external links to your website as possible. These links increase your search engine ranking and your brand visibility.

    Why Choose Us!​

    Our SEO Experts have over 8 years of combined experience working as consultants for Hong Kong-based companies. We have developed a framework that helps your business increase visibility, traffic, and revenue from search engines.

    Not Lock-in contracts

    You can have peace of mind with no fixed term contracts. You stop to pay us whenever you want. We will get the best results to keep you as a client.

    Great In House Team

    If you have any thoughts,  or queries regarding your SEO  campaign, our people are just a phone call or an email away. All our members are certified by Google.

    Results consistently!

    It’s hard to find a trustworthy SEO agency in Hong Kong – we’re still in business because we consistently deliver. Every month you will see great RESULTS!


    We help grow businesses!

    Our SEO team has years of  experience helping grow businesses across Hong Kong just like yours. 

    – No shortcuts, all the work we do is aimed at delivering long-term results for your business or brand.

    – Working with us, you will gain a competitive advantage and boost your visibility online, increase traffic, get more leads and inquiries.


    Trusted and certified SEO team

    What is included in our SEO services in Hong Kong?

    Our main goal is to bring more organic traffic and more leads to your business. 

    FREE SEO consultation

      Our SEO HK process:

      • Get in touch with us:
        We are available most of the daytime, just need to email us, or fill up the contact form. Do not forget to send us your website! We want to know a bit more about your business.
      • FREE SEO consultation
        We want to understand your business. Our SEO expert will ask you a couple of questions in order to determine what is the best SEO strategy for you.
      • Competitor and keyword research
        After getting a better idea of your business, we will use our tools to research the best keyword & the search volumes for your business category. We will send you a detailed report with a keyword list. Our goal is to bring your website in top 3 of Google for those keywords.
      • SEO plan or proposal
        Our team will create a personalized SEO strategy that suits your business the best. Keeping in mind, our main goal, bring more traffic and leads to your website!
      • Implementation
        In all our SEO plans, we include onsite and offsite optimization. We will follow the Google guidelines and apply all our knowledge to improve your website SEO.
      • Great results! Report
        Just in a few weeks after working with us, you will see your website Google ranking improve. Every month you will receive a report with your new keywords positions, a detailed Google Analytics, etc...

      Founded in 2012, Arcopix is an SEO agency with passionate, creative consultants, constantly monitoring the Google Algorithm updates. Arcopix SEO specialists have multidisciplinary skills, our team is also multilingual, we can speak English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German and Spanish.


      At Arcopix, our SEO consultants have acquired in-depth expertise of the Google Algorithm by practicing natural referencing, backlinks strategy and on-site SEO for several years. All our SEO consultants have developed an ability to adapt to the singularity of each client.

      The Arcopix agency will work on the different factors that directly or indirectly affect your website’s natural referencing.


      Arcopix is a Google friendly SEO agency in Hong Kong –  member of the Google Partners Premier program since 2012.

      The company has certifications guaranteeing that our consultants are skilled to use Google Analytics professionally. We pride ourselves that each of our clients’ websites comply with the GDPR. We use other SEO tools provided by Google such as Google Data studio, Google trends for search trends, Google Search Console to retrieve valuable SEO data from your domain as well as Google sheet to analyze the data with different KPIs (keywords, volume of searches, clicks, traffic, landing pages…)

      SEO consulting Hong kong



      We offer SEO for companies wishing to open up to international markets, but also to international companies wishing to position themselves in several countries. In particular, we propose multilingual SEO in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish and more…



      Arcopix can help you reach your local audience through a geolocated SEO strategy. Today, it is essential for a company to be visible on Google Maps in order to attract visitors to your points of sale.

      Our local SEO experts will support you in implementing sustainable solutions by optimizing your content or your Google my business listing in HK.



      An SEO agency is a digital marketing agency specializing in natural referencing, which brings together consultants and experts in positioning on search engine results. It is with the help of different SEO techniques that our SEO agency will allow you to gain positions in Google.

      • Strategic SEO : SEA, UX and on-site SEO
      • Technical SEO: often related to site redesigns, migrations or SEO optimizations that require knowledge of web development.



      You can use the services of an SEO agency to benefit from the experience of SEO experts with varied profiles.


      Your SEO agency will be monitoring your ranking, your backlinks, and it will stay up to date with developments in the last Google algorithm.


      Entrusting your website SEO to an agency is the assurance that you will get faster ranking results thanks to the knowledge and the reactivity of the SEO expert.


      If you need to be reassured about the choice of your SEO Company, you can trust Arcopix for the following reasons.

      • Personalized service
      • Certified SEO consultants
      • Monthly monitoring and reporting
      • Thousands of customers in the last 10 years
      • Use of in-house built SEO tools
      • Multilingual (Chinese, English, and more)

      Trust an SEO agency in Hong Kong with 12 digital experts who have proven themselves over the past 10 years. At Arcopix we use many tools recognized by the SEO community, and we have also developed our own tools to provide our customers with the means to monitor, track positions, track traffic and even help you in writing your content.

      We want to process everything internally, which is why each center of expertise is located in HK, in particular the content center and the back linking strategy department. In conclusion, trusting an agency specializing in website referencing is trusting experts in Hong Kong approved by hundreds of customers.

      Arcopix SEO SERVICES

      The services of the SEO companies in HK may vary depending on their field of expertise. For an SEO agency to be able to offer quality services, its consultants, experts and project managers must cover different areas of expertise.

      1. Strategy : This is the theoretical part of SEO. The consultant will analyze and think about your SEO strategy. He will perform technical audits and strategic audits.
      2.  Production : This is the “operational” or practical part of the SEO project where we set up the creation, recommendations and technical optimizations.


      Website SEO audits are essential to determine the health of a website, detect its strengths, weaknesses and its ranking potential. At Arcopix we carry out 3 types of audit:


      Our technical SEO agency and our experts fully analyze the technical aspects of your site. Using tools, we will search and detect blocking factors such as: error codes, redirects, missing tags, and anything that could prevent search engine robots from crawling and indexing your pages. 


      It will allow us to highlight the different opportunities for positioning your pages on strategic keywords. The semantic audit is at the heart of the strategy for content creation and optimization, but also a real guideline in your SEO strategy.


      it mainly concerns your existing backlinks. The popularity audit is mainly focused on the analysis of incoming links to your website. Following the audit, our backlinks department will be able to determine if your site is popular, if it has authority in its field. And thus be able to set up an appropriate linking strategy.


      Production is the part where we get our “hands dirty”. During the production phase, the SEO agency acts directly on your website, performing onsite optimizations. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main actions in SEO production:

      • Technical fixes in your CMS : corrections of 404 errors, 301 redirects….
      • Content creation : the content department, our editors, write new content that is perfectly optimized for your strategic keywords.
      • Acquisition of links : backlinks or link building strategy helps to boost your popularity, position yourself on new keywords, and surpass your competitors.


      Hiring an SEO agency means having access to know-how, processes and high-performance tools to boost your positioning. Choosing a good SEO agency that is able to use SEA (paid advertising), SMO (social networks) and Analytics is essential.

      At Arcopix, our SEO department is in constant contact with the other departments:

      • The technical department : Integrators, developers, R&D
      • The content department : writers and graphic designers
      • The Analytics department : data analyst, analytical consultant
      • The backlinks department : Project manager backlinks, link builder
      • The SEA department : traffic manager, SEA consultants
      • The SMO department : Social media manager, Community manager

      If you need an SEO agency in Hong Kong, do not hesitate to email us:



      Today, digital marketing is present in all sectors. Real estate, tourism, retail, e-commerce, and much more… Each of these sectors of activity has its own specificities, to which an SEO agency can respond with its expertise. Here are the most encountered specificities:

      Increase product sales

      This is the main problem of the E-commerce sector. To answer this, the SEO agency will position your site and its pages on a very large number of keywords. The goal is for users to easily and quickly find the product that corresponds to their search.

      Lead Generation

      Getting more potential customers to contact you via your website. This is the main goal of B2B sector companies that sell products and services to other companies in HK. An SEO agency specializing in leads is ideal for supporting companies in generating leads via organic traffic from search engines.

      Increase your notoriety

      Some clients particularly care about their notoriety. Ranking first in Google increases their fame and brand recognition. Arcopix will develop their visibility, brand image, but also will take care of their e-reputation.

      SEO HK

      How can Arcopix support you in deploying your SEO strategy?

      Depending on your needs and the degree of maturity of your website, Arcopix will offer you different types of exclusive or complementary SEO services:


      If you have a website but your number of visitors entering the site is falling or stagnating, then we can help you audit your website. Your Arcopix expert will be responsible for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your site, the obstacles to natural referencing. It will also suggest areas for improvement and monitor the implementation of recommendations by your development agency.


      Are you planning to carry out a structural overhaul (change of domain name, web technology, URLs, etc.) to your site and not just a graphic update? Arcopix can help you at each stage of your website migration so that you can keep, at a minimum, the reference assets of your old website (positioning, traffic, conversions, links, turnover, etc.) to transfer them to the new one.


      YouTube has become a real communication tool that allows you to make your brand known differently. It is a social network specializing in the distribution and sharing of videos. With its 2 billion users worldwide, YouTube is without a doubt a sales and visibility accelerator. This is why, at Arcopix, your expert supports you in setting up and optimizing your videos, whether they are hosted on your site or whether they are hosted on YouTube and accessible from your channel.


      In SEO, backlinks are the sinews of war! Although the so-called “artificial” links are decried by Google, unfortunately, no site can do without them today. On ultra-competitive themes, the acquisition of themed external links and, from high authority sites, is sometimes necessary to aim for the best positions in the search results pages. At Arcopix , we are very demanding about the quality of the backlinks we target. This is the only guarantee for a lasting and effective referencing.


      Google Penguin, you know? Terror of SEOs in 2013, this algorithm update revolutionized the way we think about link building today. However, at Arcopix , we still observe today that a certain number of sites are being penalized by Google for fraudulent practices related to backlink campaigns in particular. We have thus made a specialty of taking care of penalties, whether algorithmic or manual. Our experts know what strategy to adapt to get a site out of the penalty that Google has imposed on it.


      Do you have a multilingual site, or are you planning to launch one soon? Arcopix will help you optimize your website for international or multilingual referencing.


      If you want to create your website  you have become aware of issues associated with SEO, then we can also help you. Arcopix will accompany you from the start of your project, whether it is a showcase site, a lead generation site or an online sales site, we will advise and guide you at each design stage: development of the tree structure, the domain name choice, the SEO specifications, technical and lexical recommendations, etc.


      Do you want to increase the visibility of your site on the local market? Our Arcopix experts can help you improve your positioning on geolocated queries corresponding to your area. They will also identify local directories on which to advertise your brand name and, of course, they will optimize your business profile which appears in Google Maps via the Google My Business platform. The objective: to attract new customers by making the most of the available distribution tools.


      You’ve probably heard it over and over again, but this statement is true: in SEO, content is KING! Indeed, it is almost impossible today to permanently position a web page devoid of textual content. However, without positioning, no visibility and, therefore, no turnover. Arcopix thus offers you its copywriting and web writing services optimized for both Internet users and search engines, in order to help you gain visibility.


      Do you have a news site and want your articles to appear in Google News? Referencing a site on Google News requires special knowledge. Our team of experts will be happy to support you and guide you in submitting and deploying your site on Google News.


      We do not audit an e-commerce website in the same way as a showcase site or a lead generation site. Indeed, the referencing of a merchant site requires additional skills in the management of faceted filters, exhausted products, e-commerce tracking, etc. Your Arcopix specialist will be able to provide you with all his experience, advice and recommendations to enable you to have a site with maximum visibility in the search engine results pages.


      Are you looking for SEO training for your teams? Arcopix offers training adapted to all levels to increase the skills of your employees.

      Some of our new SEO clients:

      Most common SEO questions:

      SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of making changes to your website in order to help it appear in Google and others search engines. By optimizing your website for SEO, you can increase your visibility in the organic search engine results.

      SEO is important because there are millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or looking for companies or services on search engines. SEO helps business to appear in the top of Google, increasing your visitor and leads.

      SEO works by making changes to your website, the goal is to make your page more attractive to  search engines and users. By doing so, the search engine will display your website as a high ranking result.

      It will depend on your current SERP ranking, if you are already on the 2nd page of Google, we can bring you to the 1st page in a couple of months. If your website is very far behind on Google, then it will take  more time to bring you to the top 3 (minimum 6-12 months).

      But be sure of something, when you start working with us, you will see your website going up in Google from the first week.

      There are two main things to check: your keywords rankings and the increase of organic traffic from search engines such as Google.

      We’ve been doing SEO since 2012. We have a lot of knowledge about it, we will apply a variety of methods to improve your business organic visibility and traffic. Also, we have experience in Asia, America and Europe.

      Last but not least, we DO NOT force you to stay with us for a year, we will not ask you to sign a contract, you will pay us every month, you can stop whenever you want. This motivates us to do a great job, we want to keep you as a client.

      We report progress on your SEO every month, we will send you an Excel spreadsheet that shows your keywords rankings. We also provide an analysis that points out key wins and the areas we need to spend a little more time on. 

      Main reason: you want your business to get more traffic, more leads and brand awareness. Ultimately, more sales.

      The top 3 on Google get over 60% of the search traffic, so this should be the ultimate objective for your SEO campaign. 

      The higher up your website appear in the search results, you will generate  more traffic. This should lead to an increase in sales.

      Let's talk about your SEO

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